We see them everywhere.  Different brokerages, for sale by owner and auction houses all put up signs when a property is for sale.  Yet, there is often a hesitation on the owners part to allow an agent to put up a sign. Owners reason vary from it will hurt business or the tenants business because it gives clients a sense of instability, or most common, owners say that they don’t want friends/family knowing that they are selling (ergo how much they are earning.)  For whatever the reason may be, many owners are reluctant to have a sign in front of their property.  Owners will often ask the million dollar question; “does a sign really sell the property?”  While buyers are primarily looking online for available properties, there is something about a good old fashioned sign that draws a lot of attention.  I always say that a sign piques the publics’ curiosity; minds start wandering of what is the list price, will the buyer really pay that much, what business will end up there, will the new business benefit the neighborhood, etc.  Like most people, those questions drive the public to go online and look for the listing.  A sign also puts a building in a different perspective.  Driving past a property and seeing the traffic count, proximity to the road, how much frontage it offers is a very different experience that clicking through some pictures online.  While a sign is not the reason a property sells, it definitely contributes to the awareness that it is for sale.  It is always my opinion to install a sign!