It’s a HOT topic.  Physically hot.  Have you guessed it yet?  The topic is fire.  Over my career, I have had 3 listings suffer irreparable damage due to fire.  I’ve gotten quite an education on fire prevention, fire safety and fire damage.  Fires can begin due to electrical issues, candles, cigarettes, arson,  uncleaned dryer vents, overheated electronics and an array of other reasons.  Regardless of how it starts, once the fire has begun, it spreads quickly.  It takes a lot of effort for the local fire department to contain the fire and minimize the damage.  The fire takes no hostages either…it does not decipher between the owners items or the tenants items, the sentimental versus replaceable,  alive or inanimate.  Fortunately, in none of my experiences did any persons or animals die.  However, tenants lost all their personal belongings, some due to actual fire and many due to water damage from the hoses.  Family pictures, heirlooms, books, musical equipment-all gone in an instant.  Businsses lose their machinery, inventory, product lines, stock and files. Owners lose their income, their businesses and retirement plan.  The damage by the fire and the overall effects are devastating to everything it touches.  In my 3 experiences, the owners had significant financial loss but they were able to recover and rebuild.  I want to emphasize how important it is to purchase property and business insurance.  Even in instances where the property is purchased in cash, it is not a requirement to purchase insurance-it is best to always be protected.  I always advise my clients to be protected and help guide them to the best insurance company, that will evaluate and recommend the best policy.