When I hear Box in relation to commercial real estate, my mind immediately jumps to Big box retailers.  Second, I think of open box discounts; when a box has been returned or packaging is damaged, it’s sold at a discount.  Yet when I am working, box has a whole different meaning.  The box refers to “the way” commercial real estate is marketed and priced.  The box is how agents are taught to price, market and negotiate.  It contains 4 equal sides and the components of a sale fall into a specific quadrant.  Personally, it’s the exact opposite for me.  In school, I always received lower grades for my interpretations of literature and historical occurrences.  I could not interpret the poem or short story the “way” the instructor was interpreting.  I often questioned historical events that molded our modern day society.  Could the root of the event be different or the impact different?  Hard times as a child came to be my best asset as an adult.  My creative thinking has enabled me to see the potential in buildings, situations, and financial analytics differently than my colleagues.  I have been able to use my skill to see the potential in spaces for tenants and have used that to identify unconventional users. Marketing in ways that leaves an impression on a client, not just information.  Statistics can be provided by any capable agent.  Vision requires creativity.  Unique properties need that fresh spin, the creative solution, the out of box benefit.