When speaking with tenants, I hear this all too often.  Companies have been at their current location for years and have become very comfortable.  May I share a secret?  LANDLORDS are counting on their tenant being comfortable and signing an extension.  Businesses factor in moving costs, operational down-time and often extend just to avoid the hassle. The negotiation is merely what the landlord will accept and what the tenant will pay.  The tenant doesn’t consider clauses that may be needed should the business change, expansion options, first right of refusal, non-compete clauses and so much more! This is all too common of a practice and business owners are not making business decisions.  Renewal time is when to start evaluating other opportunities and evaluating comparables.  How could you know if you are getting the best possible deal on your renewal if you aren’t aware of the other options?  How could the landlord be truly motivated to negotiate favorable terms if there is no vacancy, no renovation and no cost to the landlord to extend the current tenant?  An uninformed tenant tenant is the landlords most profitable tenant! A year before the lease is due is the right moment to engage a commercial realtor.