“Cash is King” is an adage that we have heard throughout our lives.  In my many years of practicing commercial real estate, I have participated in many transactions, of which half are cash and half are mortgaged.  Traditionally, sellers are more comfortable with a cash transaction because there are fewer risks of either the building under-appraising, issues in the environmental or the buyers income not qualifying for the loan.  While those 3 steps may be a hurdle to a mortgage being approved, the bank will never not the funds they dedicated for the closing.  Cash on the other hand, is subject to the buyer not spending that cash.  It may not even be the buyer-it may be a business partner, a spouse with a vengeance, or even a family emergency that arose during the transaction.  Understanding how to be strategic and best mitigate risk for my sellers is a big component of my services that I provide.  I work hand in hand with the seller, seller attorney and any other financial adviser to best protect the sellers interests.