The reality; we live in upstate NY.  There are months of bitter, biting cold temperatures and snow to boot.  Instincts may tell us to hibernate in the winter, causing us to stay in our current business location.  While that may be the most comfortable, it is likely not the smartest business decision.  Many err to the side of comfort and do not view spaces, sign leases, or take action of relocating in the winter months.  Due to this lack of activity, many tenants miss out on incredible landlord incentives being offered while the market is slower. This may be in the form of free rent, overall reduced rental rate, tenant improvements, and the list continues.  I strongly urge every business owner, whether you need your first space or your lease is expiring this year, to actively search out your options.  After all, how you can you make an informed decision on what is best if you aren’t aware of the options?  You are the expert at your business, we are the experts in commercial real estate.  Please allow us to help you