I recently had a very thorough conversation with a client that I found especially meaningful.  After the client had signed the lease and all move in details were coordinated, I asked the client for feedback on my services.  This ranged from identifying locations, communication, negotiations, suggestions and more.  In addition, I asked how the client had chosen me over the other agents that were interviewed.  The answers were quite enlightening! The client was elated that I was available evenings and I would respond to late night emails, even at 11pm! I was chosen over competitors because of my positivity and problem solving skills. The client expressed that no one ever begins a commercial property transaction with the intention that there will be misunderstandings or problems along the way.  Yet, there is a great likelihood when negotiations happen and renovations are agreed upon, that landlord and tenant may have different interpretations.  The client felt having someone who was an expert problem-solver on his side was most important.  In all my years, I had never heard this from a client and it caused me to pause and think deeper.  I reviewed my transactions and there were so many instances where it was my creative thinking and patience that enabled the transaction to close.  I never gave up on my clients and worked hard to find solutions.  Whether it was a frozen water pipe that caused my client to lose all the carpeting and walls in a 10,000 sq ft office, a change of leadership in the organization, enviornmental contamination, obtaining a zoning permit, challenging a new assessment and so much more.  In life, things happen, which is true in commercial real estate too.